About Me

I have worked in Alpine Resorts for public and private entities for six-years, focusing on land management, sustainable development, and master planning for the future of destinations facing uncertainty due to Climate Change.

In order to build resilient tourism offerings, it is crucial that industry responds to the evolving tastes of guests, build genuine partnerships with community, and demonstrates a commitment to the environment they operate in.


My Key Skills & Interests

I have worked across Australia assisting organisations to invest in infrastructure, community, and sport. Major event and destination tourism continues to grow, presenting unique opportunities to create new facilities sustainably to meet demand and changing visitor preferences. The work I am most passionate about allows me to deliver a persuasive vision for place & development using the following tools:

Master Planning

Creating long-term plans for successful tourism destinations and communities, with supporting land-management actions.

Community Engagements

Securing buy-in from Traditional Owners, community members and other stakeholders to deliver highly-complex and integrated development.

Policy Development

Ensuring that State planning and land management policy facilitates the outcomes sought by a community.

Sustainable Development

Releasing land and generating visitation in areas of high sensitivity, in a way that cherishes the natural values of the place.

Smart Things

Using off-the-shelf, open-source and DIY Internet of Things technologies to provide meaningful insights to support policy and decision-making.

Dash Panels & Integration

Seamlessly integrating numerous data sources and applications to ensure high-quality data is available and easily interpreted for decision-making.